Star Wars: A Galaxy in Chaos

Session 1

Our heroes arrived at the famous Home One to take part in the Battle of Coruscant. They were briefed on their mission by General Samuels; the mission was to be the command crew on a transport, land on Coruscant, and sabotage a central power hub that linked shield generators to the Imperial Palace. Silver Squadron was assigned as their escort to break past the planet’s defenses. The heroes were given a Wayfarer class freighter that the pilot Bek renamed Bloodhawk. Shortly after, the fleet jumped to Coruscant Resistance was heavy but the freighters with Silver Squadron made into the atmosphere. The Bloodhawk with the help of Silver 4 and 12 was the only freighter to make it to the objective.

As the Bloodhawk was landing, Silver 4’s A-Wing was shot down; she crashed into the power hub. Most of the storm troopers were killed in the wreck, practically paving the way for our heroes to enter to power hub. The soldiers the Bloodhawk brought with them engaged the survivors while the party fought a small force guarding what was left of the Hub. As they fought the stormtroopers to gain entry into the hub, Wren was wounded, but he was able to continue on with stimpacks. Inside the hub was a horror of blasted steel and charred corpses, however the machinery in the hub were intact and guarded by a severely wounded Imperial guard. The party was able to finish the elite warrior off before he was able to react to them being there. They set the charges and completed their mission making their escape off the planet.



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