Star Wars: A Galaxy in Chaos

Session 2

Jedi Trials

The Crew of the Bloodhawk received two missions to prepare themselves for a suspected attack from The Way of the Sith. One of the missions was to travel to Dantooine and let Rinco go through the Jedi Trial so he could be come a Jedi. The other was to raid an abandoned supply depot on Serpindal. The crew decided to help Rinco become a Jedi first. The Bloodhawk picked up Rinco’s Master Rayne on Corellia on the way. The Bloodhawk landed outside of a Jedi temple on Dantooine. Shortly after Rinco started the trial a squad of Imperials landed nearby. While most of our heroes sneaked up on the intrusive squad, Rinco started the Jedi trial where he confronted a vision of his sister. After seeing the numbers of the Imperials Jaeta went back to the ship to warn the two Jedi. Bek and Wren overran and knocked out the two pilots guarding the Imperial ships, destroying the shuttle and stealing two tie fighters. Rinco came out of Jedi temple to see Jaeta piloting the Bloodhawk boiling two stormtroopers alive and Wren piloting a tie fighter shooting at a Dark Jedi, while Bek lands another tie fighter onto the Bloodhawk. Rinco runs into action knocking out the Dark Jedi.



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