A long time ago
In a galaxy far far away…


A Galaxy in Chaos

The destruction of the two death stars and the fall of The Emperor has created a void as the Imperial Remnant and the Rebel Alliance fight over the divided galaxy. During the chaos, a long forgotten Sith cult has emerged occupying worlds in the outer rim.

The Rebel Alliance has started their assault on Coruscant to restore The Republic. Grand Moff Valco Pandion, leader of The Remnant, has fortified himself in The Imperial Palace.

Our heroes have been assigned to take part in an important mission…

Six months have passed since the Battle of Coruscant where the crew of the Bloodhawk made a name for themselves The Republic has been reinstated on Coruscant. The Imperial Remnant has been pushed out of the core, seeking refuge in the outer rim. The Sith Cult, calling themselves The Way of the Sith, have entrenched their positions. Republic spies have reported that the Sith are planning to make a move towards the Core…

Star Wars: A Galaxy in Chaos

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